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Colombian News

Here is a list over national and local newspapers and useful news, weather and stock exchange website click here: Colombia News. Alternatively, you can catch up on the local news & Medellin info in the main newspaper, El Colombiano. 

Weather/ clothing requirements

Average temperatures:

Day: 82 F/ 27C

Night: 62F/ 16C

Temperatures are generally ideal all year round. There are 2 rainy seasons. The first is from March to May and the second from September to November. The rain can be heavy and torrential at times but generally, it does not rain all day long.

The rest of the year tends to be very sunny with the odd refreshing shower.

In Medellin, the day is warm and comfortable. It can get fairly warm, especially in the center of the city between 1pm and 3/4pm when it can be nice to relax by the pool.

Because of the altitude it tends to cool down to comfortable sleeping temperatures by the time you go to bed.

Comfortable light cotton clothing is ideal. Short sleeved shirts and pants will cover just about any situation. Dress up if you want for dinner. Smart casual does the job. Be cool, be hip, be sophisticated but you will probably stand out a little more here. Shorts and sandals should suffice most of the time, but personally I dress up a little more.

At night you may want a thin outer jacket/ sweater or similar.

Jewelry. My suggestion is to go easy on the diamonds, especially if you’re in one of the poorer parts of town. The minimum salary here is about US$200/ month so you get the idea. Why invite problems?

· Day trips and clothing

The exception and important Medellin info. If you’re driving into the hills you can easily climb to 2500m (8200 feet) and even at this latitude it gets cooler. Midday temperatures are fresh and comfortable but the night can fall to only a few degrees above freezing.
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Local transportation

Rental car, buses, taxis and the Metro…, walking?

· Rental cars

Gives you greater freedom but driving in Medellin takes some skill. Having driven both here and Rome, I would take Rome any day. You get the picture.

· Buses

Cheap. Noisy and take time. Hmmm. Each to his or her own.

· Taxis

Also very cheap. Minimum is 3200 COP or US$1.40. For US$5 you can drive across town. I recommend this form of travel unless you live here. (In which case buy a car)

It is recommended to book taxis through your hotel. Ask them for info. I often hail cabs and take a good look at the driver before getting in. Use your judgment but if in doubt don’t get in. I will mention that I have never had a problem. Don’t bother haggling over a few pesos though, it’s not worth it. Do however, insist that the meter is running.

· The Metro

Cheap & extremely clean. It runs over ground and is an excellent way of seeing the city. Recommended experience. Beyond that, it doesn’t branch out beyond its + shape running North/ South & East/ West so you may need to get a taxi to get to where you’re going.

· Walking?

Well, yes. Still works. Seriously though, early in the morning when the temperatures are nice and cool it’s a pleasant way of taking in the atmosphere and getting a closer look at things.

People often greet you and there is an abundance of places to stop for a coffee or refreshment. Especially in the center, it’s a good way of seeing the sights.

I find myself walking more and more the longer I live here. Clearly it’s a big city so I keep it local.
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Excellent! Some of the best in South America. Drink it to your heart´s content!

That’s it. Nice and simple. Enjoy.
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Up-market hotels and restaurants will cope with English.

Some well educated Colombians speak some English but far from all. It’s a little hard to guess or generalize actually. Until recently, people often studied French as their second language. If someone shows signs of speaking some English, chances are they understand quite a bit but get little practice. Therefore, a combination of shyness to an earnest willingness to try is often the attitude of those who know a little from before.
Possibly one of the most important notes when giving Medellin info, is that your trip will doubtlessly be more enjoyable if you learn some Spanish.

A few points to consider: over 330 million people speak Spanish as their first language on a global basis. Own music, entertainment, TV channels and culture.

Therefore, although English is on the increase, you need to use some Spanish to get around. Smiles, gestures and creative approaches tend to work fairly well. I.e. Say to a taxi driver, “Hotel del Poblado por favor” (Hotel Poblado please) with a big smile and you’ll get there. 
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